Welcome to Parmen Auriu Kennel

English Cream Golden Retrievers

We are specialised in breeding top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers with excellent bloodlines, temperament and construction. We provide beautiful Platinum Blond, Ultra Light and also the typical Light Gold color English Cream Golden Retrievers and we have a great commitment and passion to breed and raise top quality bloodlines since 2001.

Who we are

Everything started in 2001 when I bought my first English Cream Golden Retriever female named Cara. My dream came true and since then my life has changed into a good way and I realised I can’t live without a Golden Retriever.

All our Golden Retrievers live in our home environment, they are used both inside and outside and we don’t keep our dogs in kennels. Our house and kennel are located on a 10000 square meter property where we live with our dogs, cats and horses. The puppies are born in our home environment, live inside with us until 6 weeks old and as soon as they are ready to explore the outside world, we let them play and run in the “puppy yard”.


Happy owners around the world


Owner: Sanna Klaren


Owner: Jennifer Fano


Owner: Michael Hover


Owner: Andrei Opait


Owner: Carla Rod


Owner: Shelly


Owner: Lolly Pinate


Owner: Bruno Godfroy