Pet Hotel

Welcome to Parmen Auriu Pet Hotel


Bording dedicated for Golden Retrievers!!! Your Golden Retriever is welcome to stay with us and our dogs when you can’t take it with you. There is lots of space for your Golden Retriever to run and play, socialise with other Golden Retrievers, can be borded during night inside our house or outside in the dog house with other doggies.

We don’t use kennels!!! Our goal is to make your Golden Retriever’s stay as confortable as possible, to be relaxed while it stays with us and our dogs, this way the anxiety it’s almost impossible to install.

All the dogs that stay in our pet hotel are happy Golden Retrievers that enjoy every day like they are in summer camp.

The most important thing is that they always come back happily. Our kennel is 24/24 h supervised by us and our employees.


You are welcome to visit us!

For reservations please contact us: 0722.229.070
(Simona Damian)